Valavanur was starving for quality Education. In order to support the public A Separate Trust “VALAVANUR SEVA TRUST “was formed by the active participation of Executive Director. The trust facilitated franchise agreements with Shem Rock, New Delhi to run a play school in the beginning in the year 2015. The school was upgraded to primary level during 2018.

Msdd foundation has recently entered in to franchise agreement with Maxmind india for Euro genius for preschool education and Club genious programme for support of Developing IQ of children. The salient futures of club india can be viewed in

SHEMROCK Honey Primary School

SHEMROCK Honey Primary School is a preschool in Villupuram District in Tamil Nadu. Started in the year 2015,SHEMROCK Honey Primary School is a branch of SHEMROCK Chain of Preschools, which is the First Playschool Chain in India. The kindergarten school provides a very cheerful and colourful environment for the children, which paves the way for their joyful learning and development. The nursery school converts every day into wonderful learning experiences for the children, by infusing love and care into all the aspects of learning. SHEMROCK Honey Primary School makes sure that the children are given immense happiness, complete freedom and the required encouragement & guidance, so that their young minds grow and blossom in the fun environment of the pre school.

  1. Activity Arcade
  2. Ball Pool
  3. Celebration Corner
  4. Child’s Creative Corner
  5. Colourful, Chirpy & Air-Conditioned Classrooms
  6. Concept Centre
  7. Dining Area
  8. Discovery Centre
  9. Doll House
  10. English Language Lab
  11. Farm House
  12. Gym
  13. IT Resource Centre
  14. Magic Mirror /Magic Caves (optional)
  15. Mini Zoo
  16. Music & Dance Room• Shopping Arcade
  17. Stage Area
  18. Story Telling Corner
  19. Welcome Room
  20. Outdoor Play-Pen